Maps of 2014!

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The day has come to reveal the results of the map making challenge

Mapping 2014 Artfully!

In April of this year I am going to teach in Australia and New Zealand. My itinerary is fairly wacky in Australia as you can see. The techniques used are layered and stitched tissues and papers, couching on the route line with a paste paper background.


Let’s see what everyone else came up with for mapping out their futures! Please add the link to your map in the box below and leave a comment.

We will travel the next five days between the worlds of the artful mapmakers who said yes to this challenge!

You can add a map at any point this whole week, so go ahead, TRY IT!

Here are some links

Arty Cartophiles Facebook Page

Blog Post about the Making Your Map

Pinterest Page for Maps of 2014


Join us on our journey of the future!


  1. Thanks so much for organizing this, Jill!
    Been looking forward to this and seeing everyone’s map creations!! :)
    Happy 2014!

  2. I’ve been so looking forward to this. Congratulations on your upcoming trip. My map has a Viking theme.

  3. I Love your map Jill and am jealous of your upcoming itinerary! Someday I hope to visit Australia and New Zealand too! I had a great time making my map and look forward to looking at everyone else’s maps too!

  4. So honored to be taking part. I am sharing my first map and its a body map. Looking forward to see all the different maps.


  5. Looking forward to exploring all the maps.

  6. I like these kinds of assignments!

  7. Fabulous map Jill. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else produces

  8. This was a great project, I enjoyed doing it so much, and I am thrilled and surprised by the map I made. Thank you for organizing it, Jill. And thanks to everyone for participating, I can’t wait to see what has been created!!!

  9. Jill, thanks for organizing a fun way to share map art.

  10. Hello, all! My map is a work in progress in which I will reveal throughout the duration of this blog hop! I chose to create my 2014 map on the pages of my art journal for safe keeping! I have many artistic goals in which I hope to achieve in 2014…. So, my map is designed around “creative living”! Enjoy! This was great fun, Jill! Thank you and best of luck to you with your creative endeavors! Missy

  11. Thank you for this challenge, Jill. My map took on a life of it’s own and gave me a better view of how to approach this next year. Here is to a bright and beautiful 2014!

  12. (First comment missing link)

    Thanks Jill for putting this together, it gave me the push I needed to get my art supplies out of storage and do something with them!

  13. Jill thanks so much for the challenge. I created my scarf and feel closer to collaborating with you! Let’s see what the future brings. :-)

  14. Jill,
    Thanks so much for creating this challenge, it was a blast to do and now seeing all the maps is a treat.

    Yours is luscious. I love the contrast in the colors and textures. I’m also super jealous, I have wanted to go to Australia since I was a kid. Maybe I need an Australia on my map too 😉

  15. I had a lot of fun. And I had to think about my “Art Life”. Thanks a lot for this great idea.

  16. What a wonderful variety of maps have been posted!

  17. The most important point for me in all of this post is that you will be coming to New Zealand, and in Wanganui which is just 2 hours by road north of here! Now, are there still places? How is the bank account? This may be just too good of an opportunity to pass up!

    • Wendy, last I heard there were two spots left. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  18. Thank you for this challenge it really took me places in my mind. I have enjoyed looking at all the different maps and plan on going back to look at them all again! I hope to do more maps like this after seeing all of the inspirational ideas. Thanks to everyone for sharing their work, it is amazing.

  19. I can’t wait to check out the other maps! I’ll have mine up tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Jill. I’ve really enjoyed it.

  20. Jill, can you help me please? The link to my map on the list above goes to your blog, not our website. I didn’t add the link to our website in my comment last night because the map hadn’t yet been uploaded. Should I use the “inappropriate link” option above or is that meant for something else? Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

  21. “Faith and the things that follow” is the title of my map page. Journal page- acrylic, ink, stitching, watercolors, stabilo pencil

  22. You can read about my struggles with the comparison demon on my map blog post. It isn’t pretty!


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