Call for Arty Cartophiles, “Mapping 2014 Artfully”

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HeadStreetMapmaking is a tool, a craft for the curious. Every part of making a map appeals to me: the graphic elements of traditional cartography, the journey, and the personal story encompassed by the dashed neatlines.

This project is about making a  map of the future, in particular the year 2014. We will then reveal all the maps for a five day blog hop in January, 2014

You can approach this in many ways, and here are some simple guidelines to get you started.

  1. Pick a subject or focus
    1. Goals
    2. Travels
    3. Relationship(s)
    4. Career
    5. Health
    6. Personal Journey
    7. And on and on…
  1. Pick a medium
    1. Drawing
    2. Collage
    3. Journaling
    4. Mixed Media
    5. Textile
    6. You get the idea

Make some simple sketches of the journey of 2014. None of it has to be literal, it can be one line from here to there, or a river of lines and tributaries with lots of topography you can label.

Make the map however complex or simple you like, keeping in mind your intention for 2014. This should be a heartstring, not a masterpiece for the Smithsonian. Make it true rather than perfect. This will show.



There is a pdf to the right on top that you can print out and use for a border.

Add a compass rose if you like, here are some links for that.

Add sea monsters if you like, here is a link to some real lookers.

The project will go live on January 13-17. Five days of arty cartography! We will hopefully use social media and our own blogs to promote this journey, I have never seen one like it so the more the merrier! We expect to get a lot of traffic. I would also like to submit this project to a number of magazines and will post if that works out.

Teachers, get your students involved! Canada-Mappers

In the end I will pick a random participant and send them a copy of my new book, Map Art Lab, that will release in May, 2014, and a treat tucked inside.

What to do now

Put your name here and your blog address. If you do not have a blog and want to participate, I will post your map here. I need a 600dpi with png file and about 100 words about your project sent to


Dates to remember

Jan 13-17th, blog hop of all participants. I will have the master list here to link to all your sites, you can do the same or just promote your own. This hop is called “Mapping 2014 Artfully.” I will have a place for you to sign in on this blog on Jan 13, to list the link to where your map is.

Sign up now!




  1. Thanks for setting this up Jill, I suspect it’s going to be really fun.

  2. I am so IN for this!! I have a good idea of what I’ll do too!

  3. I would love to participate Jill! Maybe this will help me sit down and make an actual plan for the year. I look forward to seeing everyones maps!

  4. I would love to join in please.

  5. Sure, I’ll give it a shot. I have some time off after Christmas.

  6. Gathering ideas and supplies. This will be a fun challenge for me!

  7. Thank you for organizing this, Jill!
    Looking forward to participating! :)

  8. Count me in. This sounds like so much fun.

  9. Looking forward to it Jill. Will add blog layer

  10. I will play, sounds like a new adventure!

  11. Yay! Can’t wait to get started!!!

  12. This sounds really fun!

  13. I am in! This is an exciting challenge and the timing is great. Thanks for putting this together.

  14. Count me in. I don’t have a blog so will have to send you my creations. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

  15. sounds like fufn, i will give it a try. xox

  16. Jill, I really need this challenge now. I struggle with seasonal affective disorder, so I need external prompts to keep me going in the winter. Finding focus for next year is a perfect way for me to “see the light” in my future. Thank you.

  17. Happy to participate!! I love maps.

  18. I am in Jill B!! Just want I need to organize my thoughts when I do my business planning next week.

  19. Thanks for inspiring us!

  20. Count me in! I love maps.

  21. Of course, I am in.

  22. Count me in! Looking forward to it.

  23. I would love to join in the fun!

  24. I’d love to participate!!!

  25. This is right up my current artistic “alley”. I’m in, really looking forward to the adventure. Thanks.

  26. I´m in! this will be so much fun :)

  27. I’m new to this but would love to participate.

  28. Quick question, Jill. Is there a size limitation on our maps? Thank you!

  29. This sounds like fun!!

  30. Count me in! Sounds perfect for the upcoming year.

  31. Sounds like fun!!

  32. I have been wanted to do maps since your first book came out but seem to always put it of. I am seeing this as a great way to dive in and begin. So count me in.

  33. This is fun. Count me in! Thanks!

  34. I feel a little bit in over my head here…never made a map before; yet the idea intrigues me, I’m in. Thanks for organizing this…

  35. Dear Jill,
    I am a bit insecure. Am I in to play with you????? My map is finished. Now I am not sure what to do next…..
    Greetings from Germany, Sabine

  36. I would love to participate! Count me in!

  37. Count me in… I LOVE maps! Great idea… thanks!

  38. Fun!
    A fun way of mapping out my year – I’m so excited!

    Jennifer Robin Stock

    Thank you!

  39. This is a real stretch for me but I am so willing to try. My blog address is

  40. I’m in too! There’s nothing like a deadline to get things done. :)


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