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The Corporate States of America, A Map of the Most Famous Brands From Each State

The Corporate States of America

This is a great one. How many of you could have told me what brand was biggest in your state? I live in Colorado, and I could have guessed Coors because it is near my house and the Coors family throws one of their kin into the political ring every election. We cannot forget about them. And I come from California, so Apple is not a surprise. But Dr. Pepper in Texas? Really?

I love it that people make maps like this. My sister and I just finished making many, many maps for our new book (out May 2014). We pushed ourselves to be inventive, and still, we did not think of this one. Enjoy!

larger version

Maps on the Web has posted an infographic tiled “The Corporate States of America” that shows the most famous brands produced in each state in America.

image via Maps on the Web


  1. Because of your excitement and encouragement about maps, I just mapped a ten day trip. What a fun way to remember what we did each day! Thanks!

  2. “Coors”. Hee hee.

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