San Serriffe

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There is an enchanting island near Africa that you need to know about. San Serriffe is an island nation on the move, due to a peculiarity of ocean currents and erosion, so its exact position varies. A recent report locating it in the Bering Sea was presumably an error. On 1 April 2006 The Guardian reported that San Serriffe was then just off New Zealand’s South Island, but if the rate of movement really is 1.4 km per year as published, San Serriffe should stay in the Indian Ocean for several millennia.

Should you enjoy a visit and a communion with the natives, who are known as the Flong, you may be joined by the European stock, the descendants of colonists, known as colons. There is also a large mixed-race group, known as semi-colons.

They have beautiful money, and if you go please get me one of these coins and send it. I can repay you on Paypal.


Here is the full brochure.


  1. What a fun April Fool’s Day entry! :-) It seems their money is see through and linked to the makers of Corona beer! I hear all their national drinks include a slice of lemon.

  2. Have you ever read “Hippolyte’s Island” by Barbara Hodgson? It’s a fabulous novel about a search for an island. It is illustrated with many maps and drawings of flora and fauna from the island. I think you would enjoy this.

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