Open Call for Cartographic Correspondence!

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Cartographic Correspondence | 11 comments


Hey arty cartographers, I am looking for some great work for my new book!

I would like some Cartographic Correspondence from you.

Here is what I need:


Postcard with a map you made or incorporating maps in the art.

Make sure you include your email on the card.
No larger than 5″ x 7″

That is it!

Send it to me by May 1, 2013

Jill K. Berry

832 Eldorado Drive

Superior, CO 80027


I am so excited to see what comes and from where.

BTW, the “it’s not that far” postcard at the top is available on etsy.


  1. Wow, Jill! It would be a dream come true to have some map-art in your new book! Looking forward to creating my postcard for you!

  2. Hi, Angie Cope posted your call at IUOMA. I have made you something and wonder do you want it in an envelope or with a stamp on it? I think it is robust enough to go either way.

    • Either way, it just needs to be mailed!

      • hi jill- do you need to receive it by may 1- or postmarked by?

  3. Oh, how great! I’ll be putting on my thinking cap. Thanks for the opportunity to submit!

  4. hi jill…
    i have a couple of cards that i have made that i would like for you to see… can i email them to you or do you need them in your hands? No biggie either way… i just wanted to check. ANd, if i send them ; do i get them returned? Thanks

    • Lindsay, they have to be mailed, and no, they will not be returned. So sorry!

  5. sounds like fun!!!

  6. I have a postcard ready for you. It should go in tomorrow’s mail. What a great idea, Jill!

  7. i assume there is a deadline of when these need to be mailed by ? sounds like a great fun challenge !

    • aaargh ! never mind the first post – now that i’ve had coffee , i see there was indeed a deadline – so sorry i missed it !

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