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There is an enchanted place in Boulder, Colorado called Two Hands Paperie. It is owned by my friend Mia, who is not only a photographer, dancer, book artist and all together creative person, but she has staffed this place with wonderful people and artists who teach classes all year round. There are many classes there (short ones mostly, not longer than 3 hours) in book making, journaling and all sorts of other arty paper related stuff. The store is packed with treasures that you cannot help but to covet, and often to sneak guiltily up to the register without your partner noticing.

For the past two weekends I have been teaching small groups how to make maps. We sit at a big table, just the right size for six students and a teacher, under an old window offering the dappled winter light on the wooden surface. Armed with crayons, markers, dye inks, vellum and paper, we make maps of our lives. I guided the students through head maps, body maps, a map of Boulder and a memory map that is a pop-up. A whole lot to do in 2.5 hours, check it out!

There were groups of friends, and a family of four that journals together. What a wonder to have them, the girls were just  9 and 11, brave girls. Brave parents!

There was a mother and daughter. Here is mom.


Sets of people who knew each other, and one set who did not, but dressed alike.


Thank you to all of you who came and spent part of your weekend with me on this amazing journey of maps. I hope to see each of you again, and soon!



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  1. Hi Jill,
    What a great day that was! I had so much fun. I sent you an email re: some questions about class, etc. Just wondering if you got it.

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