Maps in the News: 1/16/13

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The Before and After Map of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused devastation in October to our north eastern neighbors. The destruction was massive; nearly 72,000 battered homes and businesses in New Jersey alone. The numbers are staggering. Here are some of them.

8,000,000 people without power

4.7 million kids stayed home from school

2.8 million outages across the Northeast

15,000 plus flights cancelled

 6,100 people in emergency shelters in New York City

49 cancelled Broadway Performances

34″ of snow in one place

15 inches of rain in one place

14 foot tide in Manhattan

2 Days of closed Stock Exchange

Click on the photo or link to see the interactive map of Sandy’s path. Take the time to be grateful for what Sandy did not do, and for the people who showed up to help, either in person or by way of support.

The Good News!

What we have to hang on to is the generous part of humanity that shows up after an event like this.

More than 10,000 volunteers

Over $600,000,000 in donations.

You can still help. Click HERE for ways to find out how.


  1. This is something to see. It brings home how bad the storm was as well as the fire. Thanks for this post, Jill.

  2. The post has really set me thinking about how our lives can change in an instant . . . and searching on line. I was interested to see if there were before and after photos of my hone town of Christchurch, New Zealand before and after the devastating earthquakes. I found this site . . . it brought tears.

    • Wendy, I visited Christchurch years ago, rode a bicycle all around your town and took lots of photos of the beautiful buildings. I was so saddened to hear about the earthquake that took so much of that beauty. Coming from California I am accustomed to earthquakes, but hate the damage they do. I am sorry for your town, and thanks for the note.

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