Odd and Interesting Maps: 1/4/13

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Imagine this. Your Honeymoon in Venice, hennaed on your hands.

Or your honeymoon in Australia.

When I was working on my book, Personal Geographies, I did a number of hand maps on copper. These were also inspired by Mehdi (or henna) patterns traditionally used on the hands. My daughter and I did these. Next time we may try this on our own hands!

My Friend Liz Kettle turned me on to the first set of hands here. They are on Pinterest and Facebook, but still it was hard to find the original artist. Here the info on where this intensely wonderful Mehndi hand maps came from, in case you want to enlist them to do one for you.

Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup Agency: Grey Client: Travel Corporation India Honeymoon Packages Location

What city would you put on your hands?


  1. Probably Albuquerque or Chicago…

  2. I would have Dubai done on my hands and feet. So many beautiful buildings there. Can you imagine The Palm and Birj Al Khalifa in menndhi? It would be fabulous!

  3. The henna hands are pretty amazing. I have a set of henna stencils which are great for journaling. The color is so rich and exciting in these examples. Your Two Girls captures the henna feeling. Happy New Year!

  4. San Francisco, without a doubt!

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