Twinkling Sea Monsters

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I have been painting with Twinkling H2Os, a mica infused watercolor paint, and am trying it out on pages in my journal.

The original pages of this journal were for a project for the Sketchbook Challenge. See that post HERE. I drew one critter, then shut the journal and transferred the wet markings to the other side to start up the other critter. They both have fish tales. They are Sea Monsters, both of them with pumped up arms.

It was almost a year ago I did this, but today I had to add some bling to these babies. Here is how I did up Oceana.

Added layers of watercolor

Set some highlights with a white Sharpie paint marker

Then I had to fancy up Terra, to balance out the finery.

His environs are more spare

I scratched in the paint when it was wet.

I am teaching both for the makers of Twinking H2Os (online next year, TBA)  and a Sea Monster Class (in Kansas City).

Just love Sea Monsters, they are a big part of the history of maps. Will be doing some more with these ideas, and if you have monsters to share, let me know!

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  1. What a fun idea! The creatures are great! The teacher in me loves the idea of incorporating map instruction with the art of sea monsters. This is just another layer on what you do so well.

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