One of the exercises in my book is a map of your hand, and in my project I mapped the history of my creativity. Where did it come from? What did my ancestors do with their hands? Who has held my hand and supported my creativity? That project is a collage, done with the outline of my hand.

Last week I tried a different approach, an abstracted version of my journey to creativity, inspired by both the landscape I so love as seen from the air, and the imagery of Hundertwasser, and artist I adore. In this exercise I tried to add intention to the shapes I made, by imagining they stood for parts and pieces of the gifts I have been given along my creative journey.

This map started with painted tissues that I collaged on the canvas, which is the texture you see between the shapes and under the paint. I painted over the top with acrylic paints, and added shadows with a black pencil. Over the top is a layer of wax, to add luminosity.

My hand is water, the element of my soul. The landscape around me is fertile, colorful and varied. There is a village, always a village.

I will be teaching about Hundertwasser and other arts that inspire me  in my class Under the Influence at Art and Soul in Portland the first week of October.

Next September I will teach this way of painting, layering and self-discover through mapmaking at Fibre Arts Australia, my first teaching gig Down Under!

Who contributed to your journey towards Creativity?



  1. My family, especially my 2 boys, my love of history, my travels, and my art teachers.

  2. I just love that Hundertwasser influence Jill. Wonderful!

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