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I made a map a few months ago in my journal. It is of my ideal city, a village really, by the sea. Southern California was my childhood home, and aside from the traffic I really miss it. This place, La Dolce Vita (The good life) is by the sea, and has piers with cabanas at the end, like this one in Bora Bora. Nothing, but nothing could make me happier.

My village is here.

Inspired by having a week to play in the YMCA crafts center, and by the new book Dreaming From the Journal Page by my gal pal Melanie Testa.

In the book she takes journal pages and creates art based on them. I thought I would try that with my Dolce Vita Map, since I so adored wandering around in that fictitious place. There are gardens, shops, a performing arts complex, affordable houses and parks. Cabanas, water, flowers and an art studio.

I decided to paint the map on silk. It took forever. My sister painted with me on a scarf of her own, both of us very ambitious in our designs.

The scarf is 24″ square. The black area is dark purple and black. I had to do it a number of times to get the contrast I wanted.

I was going to cut it up originally, and make one of the projects in Melanie’s book, but I could not do it. I want to look at this map for  while.

Paint a map! Make your nirvana and visit it when you like, and then send a pic to me.



  1. You are so talented!

  2. Jill,

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you did not cut it up!
    It is amazing and exquisite and inspiring!!

    Love it,

    • Thanks so much Mary, that means a lot to me!

      • What a great idea! It’s wonderful! I’ll be it makes you so happy to wear it.

  3. The first thing that popped into my mind was HOLY….! that is amazing. I hope I get to see it. I would not cut it up. I would wear it, or frame it.

  4. That is gorgeous! I think you did right by it to leave it whole. But I need to know… did you use a resist for the white lines? If not, how in the world did you get the paints/dyes NOT to run? It’s absolutely stunning.

  5. WOW – that is gorgeous and so inspirational. I wonder what I would want for a destination… I love the contrast, beautiful colors.

  6. I used gutta from Dharma Trading That was the part that took the longest, it is like Zentangle with glue.

  7. Soooooooooooooooo pretty Jill! You are an original thinker and a talented gal to boot! Love following all your endevours! Hugs, Sanna

  8. This is utterly spectacular! I’m with Amy*, tho’ — PLEASE don’t cut it up. Just think how cool it will be to walk around in ‘your own town!’ (?) It’s ever-so-lovely, dear!
    *(and ALL of the above!)

  9. this is exquisite jill! love it and glad, no cut ups…thanks for inspiring & sharing!!!

  10. oh, it is gorgeous!! you must wrap it around yourself and wear it everywhere!

    • Don’t you think we need Orvieto Scarves Jane?

  11. The silk makes the vivid colors shimmer. Your project reminds me of two scarves I had as a teen with topographical maps printed on them. One was of Mt. Rainier.

  12. Wow! Jill, the scarf is stunning! I would frame it! Very inspiring, thank you.

  13. Too bad you can’t find a piece of canvas and a giant copier to reproduce your paradise on a table cloth. Then you could wear one and eat off the other! It’s gorgeous!

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