Map Stencil Possibilities!

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Last weekend I went to my friend Libby’s cabin for a retreat with six women. The cabin has been in Libby’s family for many years. You can feel and smell the long history as soon as you step inside.

I took the map stencils that Lisa sent me (see previous post) and we all played with them. We painted and drew on collaborative papers, worked in our journals and watched the critters romp and scramble, buzz and chirp.

Here we are.

We did lots of things with these stencils, pushed the stencil envelope if you may. In this one, I stenciled with dye inks.

A collaborative paper with Deedee’s marching critter.

Cheryl stenciled with the dye inks and then did her own abstract version of doodling.

Kay added the stencil to her travel journal. She just got back from Semester at Sea.

Deedee made a fantasy city, an island of wonders.

Libby works with metal. She and I embossed the stamps, then she added lots of texture to hers. The one on the upper right is slightly sanded.

What else can one do with these maps of Paris, Amsterdam, London and Venice? I showed you mine, now show me yours!

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  1. LOVE these artists and what they did with the stencils and maps! I really enjoy seeing what other people do because I tend to be too literal. The embossing idea is a great one too!

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