The Denver Library Show, Event 1

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Today my daughter Sydney and I went to the Denver Public Library to do a two hour workshop to go along with the show of the maps in my book. Almost all of the maps of mine and of the contributors from six countries are on exhibit in the Gates Room for the rest of the month. Fifth Floor, a round room. It is gorgeous.

We got in the car with plenty of time for the 15 mile journey to the library. The traffic came to a dead stop for 50 minutes, due to two traffic accidents. So, we were still sitting there when the class was supposed to start. We sang country songs that we made up, we got silly, I tried not to stress about being so late. We kept calling to check in, to assure them we were going to be there, but all along I was not so sure.

Finally we arrived. There were lots of very patient people waiting to make maps, and not one of them was grumpy about waiting! You just have to love that.

We made pop-up maps of a memory. The were all very different, all wonderful, of course. Here is our group.

Here are the mysterious mappers. Some of them did not want to be in social media. However, I made no such promise. Just have to brag about them all.

This Tuesday, March 13, there will be a tour, led by me, of all the map art in this show. Starts at 6pm. Be there!


  1. The joy of cell phones for emergencies such as these. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

    • That was our best use of cell phones so far. And we did have a great time!

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