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I use maps in my journals because I love the way they look, and the way it helps establish where I was when I was journaling that page. Here is a page from an Italian journal, with a bit of a map of Orvieto, a  hill town where I taught last year, and will teach again in 2013. I am teaching class in Virginia Beach in a few weeks about journal mapping, we will do some astrological maps, table maps, memory maps and whatever else I drum up between now and then. Here is the link for that. Journal Mapping In Virginia Beach.

Many writers are also map lovers, and use maps in their studies for their books, often in their journals just like me. Robert Louis Stevenson was such a man. You can find many more writers like him in a book that I adore, called Maps of the Imagination, the Writer as Cartographer by Peter Turchi. Here is what Mr. Stevenson has to say.

But it is my contention – my superstition, if you like – that who is faithful to his map, and consults it, and draws from it his inspiration, daily and hourly, gains positive support, and not mere negative immunity from accident. The tale has a root there; it grows in that soil; it has a spine of its own behind the words. Better if the country be real, and he has walked every foot of it and knows every milestone. But even with imaginary places, he will do well in the beginning to provide a map; as he studies it, relations will appear that he had not thought upon; he will discover obvious, though unsuspected, short-cuts and footprints for his messengers; and even when a map is not all the plot, as it was in Treasure Island, it will be found to be a mine of suggestion. Robert Louis Stevenson, The Art of Writing

Do you use maps in your journals? Put a comment here and tell me about it.

I will draw a name on March 1. The winner will get a packet of maps and goodies from me. Some will be my maps, some will be other kinds of map related goodies.

Here are the rules.

1. Post here and have a link on your blog to the post.
2. If you have no email or blog, it won’t work for this one.
3. Post a photo of your journal map on the flickr group of your journal map and you get one extra credit!

I will mail overseas for this one.

Also check out my Facebook Group, Arty Cartophiles.

Looking forward to seeing all your maps!




  1. Oh I certainly don’t have any maps … I would love to find an atlas, but probably never will :(. Thanks for a chance to win!

  2. After taking your tutorial on creating maps, I painted a map called Heart Journey. I received the book Personal Geographies for Christmas and have loved looking through the pages and projects in the book, thinking of how I can create another map project with different elements and design ideas. Can’t wait to get started! ~Hobby

  3. I use maps because I love their details, colors and the feeling of texture that you get from them I love, to layer and use them as background, paint over them and write over them I love maps!

  4. i enjoy using the outline of my hand as the basis for a map, and the photo on my blog this a.m. shows a copy of a map i made from my hand outline as the foundation for an art journal page. I think maps, whether handmade or found, make great foundations for journals and book pages. the altered art journal i’m working in right now is an oversized street atlas that has about 250 pages. this should keep me busy with maps for the duration! really enjoyed your book Jill, I eagerly awaited it’s publishing date and it did not disappoint. Great job and your maps are gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much Terry! I am so glad to have you here, and so grateful for your comments.

  5. I love incorporating maps into my paintings…particularly maps from my journeys on the Big Island of Hawaii where the geology inspires me!

    I just finished and posted a new map painting entitled rift on my blog at:

    It would be great to win the packet of maps and goodies! :)
    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. So far I haven’t yet used maps in my journaling although I have been planning to do so and even bought a vintage atlas for it. However it didn’t find the courage to rip out one of those pages – instead I have been thinking of making an altered book from it although this would be a very large and heavy tome… Therefore winning a packet of maps would be heaven!

  7. I sometimes use maps for mixed media work and journalling. It’s hard to find really interesting maps (especially vintage ones) but I keep looking in thrift stores, etc. I love the extra texture and interest that the map provides as a background and the colours are usually so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win. My fingers are crossed!

  8. I am just beginning and have not used maps yet although I purchased your book and am looking forward to growing through mapping.

  9. I participated in your “Personal Geographies” webinar earlier this year, and really learned a lot of interesting map lore, as well as came away with great ideas for incorporating maps into my work. I have posted “my geography” to the Flickr group uning my flickr name: geek art. This is my first personal geography piece. Also, looking forward to attending your Journal Texting class at Art & Soul in VB.

  10. I use maps all the time, often as a base paper to work on. The only trouble is that if I *love* a map enough to use it, I often love it *too much* to use it, so I have to use maps I don’t love so much in my art … or get multiple copies of maps when I find one I love. My favourite find so far … when in London, I found an old “A to Z” for 50p (approx $1) in a thrift shop. Nearly every English person I know has multiple copies of this book, it’s basically a B&W paperback with detailed maps of all the streets in London. I adore the street names, and how the street layout is completely illogical to North American eyes. I have nearly depleted my current edition and am hoping to find another one next time I go to London.

  11. Hi Jill … your post encouraged me to post one of my own maps over on my blog, as well as a link back here. Great webinar last month and LOVE your book. I think your *next* book should have some info about how you do research … I really enjoyed listening to you explain to Rice how you do that.

  12. Posted my latest map-painting, Rift, in the Flickr group for extra credit!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of your book, and delve into this process. Thanks for offering the chance to win some cartographic goodness!


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