Deconstructing the Landscape

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I just got back from teaching for Paperworks, a group that is not only large, varied in talent and scope, but also the finest group to teach for out there. They were kind, funny and energetic.

It started out  with a presentation I did, called “My Journey with Maps” with was attended by over a hundred people. This talk was based on my webinar, which was live yesterday and will be accessible from here in a few days.

The class I taught was called the “Deconstructed Landscape Treasure Book”. First we painted an abstract landscape based on the work of Wayne Thiebaud and Hundterwasser. Check out Thiebaud.

and Hundertwasser

We met at the agricultural ed center for the University of Arizona. As we drove up, we encountered a sign, that said


Now what is more intriguing than pondering the meaning of this? What could meat scientists actually study? We asked around, and finally got an answer most of us thought was less than romantic. Can you guess?

Here is the first meeting of the Meat Science Lunch Bunch. Carol M. is missing, so we can patch her in later. Whatta bunch of fabulous gals.

After we painted our landscapes, or maps, we tore them down to make a book that fits inside a hard cover. The fore edge of the book has a small shadowbox for treasures, and we made small paper houses, stars, branches and paprerdolls to fit in the spaces.

At the end of the class we made pop up maps. Not bad for three days work, and not one ruined project. Thank you all of you, thank you! Here is a show just for you.


  1. Great group and it looks like they had a lot of fun. Paperworks is a group with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

  2. not only is carol missing but so are julie and me … we were on our knees!

    • I can see you Barbara, I am not sure why you cannot. Sorry.

  3. It was a wonderful inspiring class and a great group to spend 3 days with. I would highly recommend Jill’s classes!

  4. I watched your slide show. Looks like you all had a good time. Carole shared her book with the PSBA members after the meeting.

  5. Jill,
    The books your students made are incredibly beautiful!!!!!!!! I am envious. Are you teaching this class anywhere else? What kind of paints did you use in this workshop?
    Thanks! Linda

  6. Jill,

    I would love for you to teach on online class on the Deconstructed Landscape and Using Inspiration from artists to create and then making it your own.



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