Mapping on a Sunday

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Two weeks ago we had a big storm headed toward Denver, on the day I was to teach a mapping class at the Denver Public Library. Many Coloradans that I know are big scaredy chickens when it comes to snow and won’t drive in it. Since my class was from 2-4 and the storm was to arrive at 3, odds were good there would be no one there when I got there.

BUT! 14 people showed up. My friends all, from the Colorado Calligraphers’ Guild, braved the weather (which did not show up until the way home, and then with gusto).

We made memory maps, which is a map of a dream or a trip you took more than once. Something that resonates clearly and easily.

We added pochoir stenciling for color, and I showed everyone how to fold it into a pop-up map, because map folding is just plain fun.

Here are some links to some map folding instructions.

If you want to learn this technique, I am teaching it in Virginia Beach at Art & Soul retreat in the first week of March. There are two classes. The first is Journal Mapping, which includes a number of projects from my book and some new ones. The second is Spontaneous Deconstructed Journal, which is a unique and super fun approach to journaling an event or trip.

Thanks for the bravado to all of you who came. It was fun and yummy because of all the lovely goodies you all brought!

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  1. This sounds like it was fun!

    I thought I joined this site but I don’t see my self, here. What happened? It seems I need a map to get around the blogs I myself already read!

    Which brings me to your question in the newsletter: I would be very interested in an online class, and since I love your new book and also have really admired your painting and collage for years I would enjoy any of these as a focus for a class!

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